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The Ethiopian Cycling Federation is the National organization for cycling in the country. It is the governing body of Ethiopian Cycling court. The federation works with the Regional Federations and Local Clubs to support and advance the sport of cycling in Ethiopia. The federation tirelessly works to make cycling sport to be a culture across Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has been participating in various international cycling competitions including the 1958 G.C Melbourne Olympic. Since then the federation was working to develop cycling sport in the country. In the 2016 Rio Olympic Ethiopia is represented by the famous young cyclist Tsigabu G/mariyam. Ethiopia is one of the major countries that host UCI continent of Tour involving many African countries.


Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to see our country cycling sport most local sport in our people and to product many youth cyclists who can win in the international level.
To fulfill this Vision we see our Mission as:
To promote the concept of “Cycling for All”
To promote a safe cycling environment through encouraging the use of appropriate safety equipment and cycling habits
To facilitate the individual rider the opportunity to upgrade their skill.
To develop a strong team to represent Ethiopian cycling internationally