Ethiopian Cycling


cycling sport in ethiopia

Many bicycles came to Ethiopia following the invasion of Italy. There were different types of modern bicycles in every nook and cranny of the capital. Previously, the French, Germans and Italians were famous cyclists. Cycling sport was popular in most countries and there were many cycling competitions worldwide.

At the outset, cycling competition was held in the capital after the end of Italian invasion. And, there were emerging clubs in the capital at that time.

A number of athletes and cyclists were made to play a part in the Melbourne Olympics. Following the Melbourne Olympics, comes Rome Olympics. Ethiopia competed in the Olympic Games for the first time at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. Twelve competitors, all men, took part in ten events in two sports. Cycling was one among the sport discipline that Ethiopia was represented with. And the following team and individual result has been achieved:-

  • Team road race: Guremu Demboba, Mesfen Tesfaye and Zehaye Bahta — 99 points (→ 9th place)
  • Individual road race: Guremu Demboba — 5:26:58 (→ 25th place), Mesfen Tesfaye — 5:34:25 (→ 36th place), Zehaye Bahta — 5:34:37 (→ 38th place) and Negousse Mengistu — did not finish

In this year's 31st Rio-Olympic games, the nation is represented by the young cyclist named Tsigabu Gebremariam. It is after 24 years that we have taken an opportunity to be represented in Olympics.