Ethiopia is to host UCI continental tour from August 20 to September four. The tour is named ‘Tour Meles Zenawi for Green Development’ for commemorating the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was known for his intelligent leadership and dedication for green development locally and internationally. Ethiopian Youths and Sport Ministry Minister Redwan Hussein said, “It is with a primary aim of commemorating his lots of contribution to the green development of his nation and Africa, to the sport sector as well as to the overall progress of the nation”.

The cycling tour is known as Class 2.2 for elite and U23 (under 23 age). This tour will be the first continental tour to be host in Ethiopia. According to the organizers, Ethiopian Cycling Federation, various countries are invited to participate in the UCI continental cycling tour to make the tour very competitive and help to achieve the goal set by the federation, which is promoting green development.