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ethiopian Olympic Cycling

Ethiopia has been participating in various international cycling competitions in the past. We started back in 1956 G.C at Melbourne Olympic. Since then the federation was working to develop cycling sport in the country. In the 2016 Rio Olympic Ethiopia is represented by the famous young cyclist Tsigabu G/mariyam. Ethiopia is one of the major countries that host UCI continent of Tour involving many African countries.

Below you will find all of the athletes along with support teams who participated in different Olympics through out the past several years.

Melbourne Olympic


Semrit Gebreselam
(Team Leader)
Geremew Demboba
Tesemma Amosa
Mengistu Nigussie
Abebe Mamo
Mesfin Tesfaye
Tsehay Bahta

Rome Olympic


Getachew Abebe (Coach)
Geremew Demboba
Tesemma Amosa
Mengistu Nigussie
Admasu Megera
Janne Masola
Alazar Kiflu

Tokyo Olympic


Selemon Ambaye
Salambini Keremili
Fisehatsiyon G/yesus
Yemane Nigussie

Mexico Olympic


Fisehatsiyon Gebreyesus
Yemane Nigussie
Michael Garmello
Tekeste Weldu